Vaillant ecoTEC

The Vaillant ecoTEC range of boilers delivers class-leading performance and reliability

ecoTec Exclusive

Vaillant ecoTec Exclusive with Green IQ key features include:

Free 5 year guarantee (10 year available)
Green IQ mode
Wide modulation range of up to 1:10
Extra condense stainless steel heat exchanger

Overview: The ecoTEC exclusive range of boilers provide great performance by intelligently managing consumption and output to keep all of its components running at peak performance, for longer, providing a low maintenance solution that you can rely on. The ecoTEC exclusive has a low carbon footprint and is more than 85% recyclable at the end of its life. The combination range features 35 and 43kW output models, which deliver much higher-than-average heating outputs and hot water flow rates, making the ecoTEC exclusive perfect for larger properties. The design of this range allows domestic hot water to be pre-heated using what would be wasted flue gas energy, making it Boiler Plus compliant out of the box.

ecoTec Plus

Vaillant ecoTEC Plus key features include:

Free 5 year guarantee (10 year available)
Smart home ready
Familiar footprint and external layout
New intuitive semi-touch interface

Overview: The new Vaillant ecoTEC plus combination boiler range has been refined and taken to the next level. Paired with our new plug-and play internet gateway, myVAILLANT connect, it enables app control, smart home integration and remote appliance care and support in minutes, for increased efficiency and first-class customer service. The combination range features 26, 32, 36 and 40kW output models. Beneath its familiar curved case, the internal layout of the new ecoTEC plus has been finely tuned to ensure all components are easily accessible, making maintenance and servicing straight forward, and installation effortless. The semi-touch interface ensures easy, intuitive operation, while enhanced connectivity opens up more possibilities for remote diagnostics, performance monitoring and control.
Vaillant EcoTech Pro

Vaillant ecoTEC Pro key features include:

Standard 2-year guarantee, can be upgraded to a free 7-year guarantee
Boiler Plus compliant with Vaillant controls
Easy installation and maintenance
Built-in two-stage frost protection

Overview: The ecoTEC pro range of combination boilers combines the built-in quality, reliability, and performance you’d expect from Vaillant, with a simple design and approach. The range includes an LPG model, and is also compatible with our aroTHERM heat pump range, so it’s perfect for off-grid properties. The combination range features 24, 28 and 30kW output models, making this the perfect boiler for homes with smaller heating and hot water requirements. The ecoTEC pro combination boiler range offers versatile siting options, with ease of installation and service with a push-fit flue system and removable side panels to make life that much easier.
Vaillant ecoFIT Pure

Vaillant ecoFIT Pure key features include:

Standard 2-year guarantee, extended guarantee available
Boiler Plus compliant with Vaillant controls
Compact, cupboard fit solution
Easy installation and maintenance

Overview: The ecoFIT pure range of combination boilers is ultra-quiet in operation and has a small footprint, proving total flexibility of siting. The rear and top flue option means this boiler range is the perfect solution for fitting inside a standard kitchen cupboard unit. The combination range features 25, 30 and 35kW output models, and is made from high quality, highly efficient components. Complete with availability of spare parts and an accessible layout, the ecoFIT pure is easy to maintain and service. The automatic purging assistant and high specification, automotive grade, aluminum heat exchanger makes for a lightweight installation.
Vaillant ecoFIT Pure

Vaillant controls

Vaillant always recommend their appliances are fitted with a Vaillant control. Vaillant has a wide range of controls, and each uses eBUS protocol, their proprietary technology that ensures each element of a Vaillant system can communicate to ensure it is always working with ultimate efficiency. Every Vaillant heating appliance can be matched with the perfect control to ensure compliance with Boiler Plus legislation. Vaillant’s controls range from simple analogue controls to smart app-controlled models that can be integrated with smart home systems and alert you to faults. Our latest range of senso controls have been designed to be incredibly easy to use and, with a stylish contemporary design, will look beautiful wherever they’re sited. Fitting Vaillant connected controls offers the ability to remotely monitor your customers system with myVAILLANT Pro. Adding value to your service using remote diagnostics by having further insight of the system before visiting your customer.